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Established in 1986 in the quaint town of Graskop Mpumalanga. Harrie’s Pancakes is at the center of this rural town’s charm. Located at the heart of the world-famous Panoramic Route on the eastern escarpment of South Africa. Harrie's Pancakes is the original must-stop when going on holiday to the Lowveld in South Africa.

Harrie's Pancakes Dubai aims to bring the original Harrie's dining experience to the multi-cultural scene of the UAE. Harrie's Pancakes will always hold a special place in the hearts of many holidaying South Africans, and we strive to bring that happy nostalgia to the food scene of the UAE. Our 35-year heritage brings a familiar and comforting experience to our patrons with an interesting interpretation of a classic here and there.

We welcome you in all 11 official languages of South Africa and now Marhaba for the UAE. All are welcome and we are looking forward to serving you some distinctive South African Flavours with some hearty South African Hospitality.


Harrie Siertsema

Harrie Siertsema, the original founder of Harrie's Pancakes, has established several restaurants across South Africa. His culinary philosophy is centered around traditional South African flavours prepared with extra attention to authenticity. Harrie also has a long standing love for contemporary art and much of his energy and resources are geared towards opportunities for upcoming South African artists. The restaurants regularly serve as exhibition venues for upcoming and established artists.



Harrie received the origional pancake Recipe from an old Lady living in the town Graskop Mpumalanga South Africa. He set to work and experimented and adjusted the recipe till he achieved the perfect texture, thickness, and flavour. Using this special recipe Harrie built a legacy of exceptional pancakes, enjoyed by multiple generations of holiday makers and Pancake Lovers.

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Art Exhibition

FRAGMENTS OF A LANDSCAPE, by Strijdom van der Merwe. Strijdom van der Merwe is an internationally acclaimed land artist. He uses natural materials he finds on site to construct his artworks. His Materials include Sand, Water, Wood, Rock and Stone. He draws inspiration from the land and its unique and variable composition. His artworks whether it be documentation works, paintings installations or sculptures, always pays tribute to his and our connection to nature.


Dubai Marina

Located at the heart of the Dubai Marina the first international branch of Harrie's Pancakes is conveniently locates at the base of Bay Central Towers on the Marina Walk. Valet Parking is available for Harrie's Pancake Guests at the InterContinental Hotel Dubai Marina for a discounted fee of 15 AED.

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